Ericsson Wants to Use Your Body as a USB Cable

By Mario Aguilar on at

Ericsson's new technology will allow you to transfer data between two gadgets by sending it directly through your body. The demonstrations of the technology are really cool, but what will it actually be good for in real life?

During the Ericsson keynote the "capacitive coupling" tech was demoed as a way to easily transfer photos from a phone to a big screen. Usually, you'd use an HDMI cable or some kind of wireless connection to get this done, but in this case CEO Hans Vestberg was used as the link. His colleague was holding a smartphone with the picture on it, ad Vestberg touched his hand a transmitter connected to a screen and poof, there was the photo. It was pretty impressive.

The technology is not unlike what everyone from Samsung to Apple are trying to do for you with Wi-Fi sync and NFC chip technology.