ET Causes Water Rescue Ruckus in Portsmouth After Not Phoning Home

By Sam Gibbs on at

Old Portsmouth saw a flurry of activity after a 999 call sent the coast guard and police rushing into action to rescue a plastic replica of everyone's favourite childhood alien, ET. Of course neither the caller, nor the emergency services suspected the mysterious disheveled body spotted floating five miles off shore was plastic until they got it back to dry land.

Perhaps the caller had been watching too many episodes of X-Files? The full-sized ET replica had been the prized possession of 76-year old Margret Wells, whose daughter had hand crafted it for a stage make-up course; it'd got pinched by some lowlife who burgled her house in September last year and obviously mercilessly dumped.

Plastic ET might not have been able to phone home, but thankfully someone did for him, and he's now been reunited with his grateful owner. A heartwarming tale I'm sure you'll agree, but what's the moral of the story? Not every mushed up looking body that washes up on the beach is actually an alien (or partially decomposed person), no matter how much TV you watch. [The Metro]

Image credit: Wikipedia