Facebook Tagging Adverts as "Featured" Stories to Deliberately Confuse?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Facebook has started placing adverts within its main news feed, causing confusion about the terminology it's using. Instead of saying "Adverts" or "Sponsored posts" or something obvious so you know never to click on the stupid things, the ads are tagged as "Featured" -- which doesn't make it clear that you're seeing a paid comment.

The initial announcement of ads-in-the-feed said they'd be tagged as "Sponsored" posts, which makes more sense. The word "Featured" sort of implies you're seeing the witty remark lovingly created by a major corporation's PR team because of its popularity or interest, rather than because someone paid Facebook to farm it out to as many eyeballs as possible.

But don't worry too much about Facebook turning into an ad-spamming portal, as these new promotional spots will only be visible if a company, person or product you've previously "liked" buys an ad spot to increase their page's prominence. [FT]