Facebook Wants to Print Your Face On a Business Card For Free

By Sam Gibbs on at

Facebook’s just launched the “Facebook Card”, a business card gleaned from your Facebook profile and has tapped an award-winning web-printing company, Moo.com, based London’s Silicon Roundabout to do it.

The Facebook Card is being offered in free 50-card bundles to the first 200,000 users who sign up through the “About” section of their profile, if they already have their Timeline activated. It’ll take your profile picture and automatically populate the rest of your information, ready to give out to people. Who you’d give a Facebook business card to, I don’t know. Maybe to that girl you happen to be lusting over at  your mate's house party? It’s described as the “anti business card” by Richard Moross, founder of Shorditch-based Moo.com who’s handling the printing.

Facebook’s giving out the 10 million cards to publicise its new love it or hate it Timeline, which you simply can’t avoid. But if you want your face blazoned on 50 bits of card to give to all your friends, then sign up quick-smart -- the first 50,000 users won’t even have to pay postage. [Evening Standard]