Ferrari Revs Up Logic3 For Headphones and Speaker Docks

By Sam Gibbs on at

Lamborghini isn’t the only Italian sports car manufacturer to fancy a slice of the consumer electronics market -- Ferrari has teamed up with Logic3, the long-time PC accessory and speaker manufacturer, to create a series heaphones and speaker docks.

With this kind of “exclusive collaboration” it’s pretty much guaranteed that the power-brand is there in name only. But according to Logic3:

“The Ferrari team has been closely involved with Logic3 throughout the entire process, ensuring the marque’s characteristic style, design and personality are captured within every product.”

“Logic3 has worked with highly respected audio designers in this specialised field to create a range of unique audio products that bring Ferrari’s iconic Italian heritage to life.”

They might even sound OK then.

There are two “styles” within the range: the Ferrari Cavallino collection, which “is influenced by the emotive driving experience of Ferrari’s iconic GT road cars”; and the Scuderia Ferrari collection, which “is inspired by the competition, speed, and technological innovation of the Ferrari F1 team”. So both should be expensive, go too fast, and always place second behind an energy drink then.

Have a flick through the gallery to see what’s on offer in the Ferrari range – you might find something perfect for that special Ferrari-owner in your life. Or just something to lust over from afar, wishing you had the car to go with them.