Fitbit's New WiFi Scale Looks Awesomely Familiar

By Mat Honan on at

Fitbit is showing off a new WiFi scale that tracks your weight and sends it to a database. Oh, hey, Withings much? Sure. But it's a concept whose time has come, and this looks like a well-done version.

It tracks up to eight individual users, and will upload your weight to an online database, where you can monitor it using Fitbit's iPhone or Android app (the latter is coming in February). It will graph your weight, body fat percentage, and body mass index, charting each. You can also earn badges and share achievements and, um, I just fell asleep during the gamification point of the demo. But! It also helps you follow weight loss goals when used with the Fitbit Ultra, using calories in and calories out as a metric, which is actually quite nice and the only game you should be concerned with.

The elephant on the scale is Withings' Wi-Fi scale. They're very similar! Even in appearance, there's a glossy black version that looks almost identical. At around £85 the Fitbit is a little cheaper, and if you already have a Fitbit product, this is probably the choice for you. And quite frankly, once you've used a Wi-Fi scale, it becomes pretty obvious that at some point all scales will (or should) relay your weight back to a database.

This one is available in April. You're going to love it, fatty.