For Sale: Slightly Used Military Dark Room, Classified Microfilm Not Included

By Andrew Tarantola on at

With the shift to digital cameras, old-fashioned photomats are getting harder and harder to find. But this portable, Army-issue dark room has everything you need to develop your own prints wherever you are.

The dark room is actually a 3.7m by 2.1m aluminum box, slightly smaller than a standard shipping container, but large enough to fit everything a photographer would need among its three rooms. The first room includes a refrigerator, print day cabinet and a film drying cabinet. The second room houses dual Kodak Ektamatic processors and two condensers, while the third room holds the heater tank, sink and storage. It's even got an escape door so you don't paint, er, develop yourself into a corner. The entire assembly weighs two tonnes and can be truck mounted. [eBay via Peta Pixel]