GiffGaff Introduces "Data Bars" to Limit Internet Hogs

By Gary Cutlack on at

Popular SIM-only specialist GiffGaff has decided to get tough on the data hogs who abuse its unlimited data connections, introducing new checks and possible bars on those who suck down the most internet through their mobiles.

Incredibly, GiffGaff says that under one per cent of its user base is responsible for more than one-third of its entire network data consumption. The company says this situation is "not economically sustainable" going forwards due to the cost of paying its data fees and the admin drain in tracking down these serial data hoovers, so it's about to turn its smile upside down.

The solution is being kept quiet, but will involve some sort of "checks on people's patterns of data usage" and further monitoring to uncover "behaviour that is not genuine mobile internet use," with those deemed abusers finding their data connections barred for the greater good.

Which sounds like GiffGaff is going after those who hook their mobiles up to serve as bespoke, 24/7 file downloaders, so if you're a normal user just doing your usual daily browsing chores, all should remain fine. [GiffGaff]