Google Maps Can Now Tell You To Take the Train (Updated)

By Sam Gibbs on at

Google’s partnered up with to bundle mainline train information into Google Maps in the UK. If you're carless, Google can now helpfully suggest getting the train instead of walking from Edinburgh to London.

2,500 mainline train stations care now listed along with some 8,000 bus stops and 250 tube stations around the capital – allowing you to mix and match your transport routes to get you to your destination.

The update is live for the desktop, but it’s absent without word of when it’ll hit on the mobile platform – you know, the one you really need it on while you’re out and about. Planned timetable disruptions will be listed, but up-to-date travel information is sadly lacking, so you’ll still have to lean on National Rail Enquiries to keep ahead of signal failures and the like. [TechRadar]

Update: Public transport information is now live on the mobile platform. Both iOS and Android are known to currently sport the new information: