Google Tests QR-based Smartphone Password System "Sesame"

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google has recently been testing a product it calls Sesame, which does away with the need to type in a password when logging in to your Google account.

It's incredibly simple. Users head off to a web site that displays a QR code, which is then scanned with their smartphone. As long as your phone is signed in to a Google account, you're then able to grant the computer access to the same account. No more panicking that someone's looking at your fingers when you type your password in in a public place.

It certainly sounds like a more elegant solution than the more awkward two-step verification systems already out there, including Google's own option, which sends users a text message and has you type in a code like a savage.

Sadly the test has now ended, but the test site is still up and claiming that "something even better" is on the way for password haters. [ZDNet]

Image credit: Google OS