Griffin Seeks the Inner Child in You With Crayola-Branded Accessories

By Sam Gibbs on at

I remember the pure and simple fun of colouring-in with crayons as a kid, even though I had zero artistic talent. Griffin’s hoping to tap into that child-like wonder with its new range of Crayola-branded headphones and customisable iPhone and iPod touch cases for your kids.

In another bout of “why didn’t I have that as a kid?” Griffin is leading the charge with Crayola MyPhone earbuds (£10) and headphones (£18), which come in fancy colour combos. Both ‘phones come packing volume-limiting circuits to protect your little one’s ears, while the headphones come with stickers and marker pens for your kids to draw all over the walls customise them.

For the iPod touch, Griffin’s got a polycarbonate case that has slots for a bunch of coloured stripes, which it gives you 28 of to mix-and-match to your heart’s desire. With a bit of luck the £18ish case will also prevent little Timmy from smashing the living daylights out of that £170 iPod touch you so generously bought him.

Finally, in the ultimate roll-your-own-style decoration, the £20ish Crayola Case Creator allows your kids to use a free app to create a one-of-a-kind case for the iPhone or iPod touch. Simply let them at it with virtual stickers, pens and crayons, and print out their talented designs on the included case inserts when they’re done. The entire range should hit the UK in the second quarter of 2012, ready for the little tyke’s birthday.