Hideous G-Shock Phone Is Too Durable to Be Destroyed

By Sam Biddle on at

Try to drown it, crush it with up to a ton of weight, or give it a ten-foot toss—this prototype G-Shock phone will just laugh its heinous mug at you. Why can't super-rugged things not look like this?

The phone, which appears to be running Android, is only a concept for now—so we hope Casio will reconsider the Metal Gear meets Mountain Dew commercial design. Now, yeah, it's nice to see a phone that isn't a Black Rectangle Clone. But drawing on the bulbous wrist-cracking look of G-Shock watches isn't much better. Of course a ruggedised phone isn't going to be svelte, but it doesn't need to resemble an X-TREME watch just because of a shared namesake.

But all criticism aside, a phone that's waterproof submerged up to 10 feet, can be dropped up to 10 feet, and can resist a tonne of weight is fantastic. Let's just tweak that shell. [DroidLife via The Verge]