HP's Ultrabook Is Made Out of Glass

By Sam Biddle on at

How do you turn heads when everyone on the block has an Ultrabook—and most of them look like bootleg MacBook Airs? Make yours fast as hell and built from a bunch of damn glass.

The HP Spectre 14 isn't made entirely out of glass, but it sure does dominate the thing: wristpad, screen, lid, all covered in a shimmering crystalline layer of "scratch-resistant" (Gorilla?) glass. It makes the thing sparkle, but it's also glowing inside: Core i7 processor, up to 256 GB of SSD storage, and a potential 8 GB of RAM.

The 14-inch Spectre weighs a pound more than the Air, which isn't trivial, but those looking for an Ultrabook that both stands out and will kill it performance-wise should be pleased. And hey! Beats by Dre audio, if you're into that.

Just don't drop it. [HP]