"Hundreds" of MoD Officials Part of the Stratfor Data Breach

By Gary Cutlack on at

An analysis of the recent hacking of the Stratfor database has found that members of the UK government and the Ministry of Defence had their sensitive data stolen and dumped online as part of the attack.

The data was scanned by a security expert working on behalf of the Guardian. He found mention of 221 British military officials within the Stratfor leak, plus 242 people who worked for NATO. The data combined their email addresses with encrypted passwords, an encryption which cyber-security analyst John Bumgarner says can be broken with "off-the-shelf software."

Bumgarner also found that seven members of the UK's Cabinet Office had their details published, plus the leak includes data from former US vice-president Dan Quayle and Henry Kissinger -- and the details of over 300 military personnel serving in Afghanistan and Iraq can also be found. [Guardian]

Image credit: Security from Shutterstock