I Want Aston Martin's Office Furniture More Than I Want Their Cars

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The Vantage and DB9 are beautiful examples of automotive craftsmanship, but I've never really lusted over Aston Martin's creations until I discovered the car maker's line of office furniture. Including this desk which looks like it's doing 150 mph just sitting there.

Its angled design is made from a sheet of folded aluminum, complete with a matching slanted drawer and a leather finish. And the long graceful reach of the accompanying lamp illuminates the workspace without it being in the way. I'd love to see the Stig put these through their paces while filling out paperwork or answering email.

Sure, the desk's slanted sides are going to encourage things to roll off the edge and across the floor. But if you can afford to have one of these adorning your office, you can probably also afford to have multiple assistants to go and fetch them for you. [Fabio Luciani via Born Rich]