Intel Caught Faking Ultrabook Gaming Demo

By Jesus Diaz on at

This video shows proof that Intel faked their CES 2012 ultrabook gaming demo. Instead of using the real racing game, Mooley Eden pretended he was driving a car while in fact he was just moving the wheel while a video was playing.

And he did it for 30 seconds while everyone—including ourselves—watched.

Eden — general manager for the company's PC group — was touting the 3D graphics power of Sandy Bridge-based ultrabooks. To demonstrate it, he showed everyone what a great driver he was using F1 2011. However, the only thing he demonstrated was VLC, a plain video playback software running a pre-recorded demo clip.

Does this mean that these ultrabooks are not capable of running advanced games like this? Probably. F1 2011 requires a lot of 3D horsepower that I doubt any ultranotebook can provide at this point. Or maybe this was just an off-site demo recorded on video to avoid any potential demo accidents on stage.

In any case, shame on Intel for trying to fool everyone. Fortunately, Bright Side of News' Anshel Sag got their lie. [Bright Side of News]