Is Microsoft Working on a Kinect Set Top Box That Doesn't Require an Xbox?

By Casey Chan on at

According to reports from The Daily, Microsoft is currently working on a Kinect-enabled set top box that would work without the Xbox. It would be a new product separate from the Xbox Kinect and offer streaming media content like Apple TV, Roku, etc. with the benefit of using Kinect's stellar voice and motion UI.

According to The Daily's sources, the new Kinect set top box will cost around £100 (which is about what the real Kinect retails for) and be released before the next Xbox. It's described as a lower profile version of the Kinect with a larger base to fit the HDMI and USB ports. If The Daily is right, this new version of Kinect would basically be Xbox without the games. That sounds reaaaally interesting to me because the Xbox has a great and growing list of content partners (Netflix, BBC, etc.) and when combined with the Kinect's superior UI, I'm not sure you could find a better set top box for your TV. [The Daily]

Image credit: bfishadow/flickr