Is There Any Way ViewSonic's £100 Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet Isn't Terrible?

By Brian Barrett on at

It's not that I don't believe in miracles. I once knew a man who sat through an entire episode of Two and a Half Men without trying to set fire to his loungeroom. It's a crazy world. But if ViewSonic made an Ice Cream Sandwich tablet that isn't excruciatingly painful to use, and for under £150, I'll buy a hat and eat it.

The specs that ViewSonic has shared on its e70 slate aren't enough to damn it, but they're not necessarily inspiring: a 1GHz processor, 4GB onboard storage, 800x480 display, Micro HDMI and a Micro SD slot. The 7-incher forgoes the Android Market for the Amazon Appstore, which is an interesting move and actually probably really smart? And maybe an interesting harbinger of Amazon app dominance?

But the only spec that matters on the e70 is the price: $170 in the US, which is the cheapest cover around for entry into Club ICS. You don't charge little without making some big sacrifices, and it's not like ViewSonic has the most sterling track record to begin with. So odds are you're looking at a Professor X situation here: terrific brain trapped in a useless body. We'll find out soon, assuming they've brought the thing to CES.