It Could Cost as Much as £20 to Visit London's Shard Tower

By Kat Hannaford on at

While the lower floors of the Shard will be chockablock with the usual fast food palaces and high street chains, to cast your eyes across London's glorious skyline from the 68th floor it'll cost you the same amount that a zones 1 - 2 weekly travelcard costs. Well, back in 2005 anyway.

Thanks to a mega-article on The Guardian's site, we now know plenty more details about the Shard (located near London Bridge station), which is Europe's tallest tower, measuring 310 metres (1,017 feet) high. 27 of those floors will be devoted to offices, with a further 18 floors housing tourists at the Shangri-La hotel, and three floors offered to pricey restaurants.

If Mr. Moneybags likes the sound of gazing upon the highest views of London while he wines and dines business partners, he can rent the highest floor -- number 78 -- which will be used mostly for conferences and meetings.

Never fear however, as Londonist has a great list of cheaper views across London if you'd rather put your 20 squid towards paying two-thirds of your weekly zones 1 - 2 travelcard. [The Guardian via Londonist]

Image Credit: City_Poet