Japan Taking to Robot Farms For Post-Tsunami Agricultural Recovery

By Sam Gibbs on at

The Japanese do love their robots, so it’s not all that much of a surprise that the country is turning to them for its food production. The plan is to set up an autonomous robot farm on one of the worst Tsunami-hit areas, using a £33m investment to regenerate the struggling Japanese agriculture industry.

The robots will plant, grow, pick, and pack the food on a 600-acre site, with autonomous tractors roaming the fields. The carbon dioxide produced by the machines will even be recycled into fertiliser, with rice, wheat, soybeans, fruit, and vegetables on the menu.

Considering how much of Japan’s food-producing land was ruined by the devastating Tsunami last year, it’s not surprising the country is struggling to get back on its agricultural feet. Robots certainly could be the answer to the high volume, high-density food production the country so desperately needs. All I can picture in my mind though, is a tractor driving itself across fields moaning about the amount of work it’s got to do in true Futurama style. Someone’s got to do the grunt work right? So why not make it a machine. [The Telegraph]

Image credit: Robot farm concept from Shutterstock