Kazakhstan's Glorious Brand New Metro Is the Only Clean Subway You'll See

By Sam Biddle on at

Kazakhstan isn't the first country I'd associate with modernism and gleaming infrastructure, but according to photos from English Russia, I'm dead wrong: the Altmay Metro is gorgeous. And, shocking to any urbanite, gorgeously clean, like Star Trek with more maids.

The project—which only opened last month—took 23 years to construct, starting back in Kazakhstan's Soviet days. Now, it's fully of eager passengers, smiling attendants, microchip-enabled fare cards, and tracks that look like you could eat off them. It's almost eerily clean. Especially compared to our New York Subway, where you're lucky not to witness human feces, let alone freshly-polished marble floors. One of the stations even shows a looped video of a rocket launch. A rocket launch! The future is Kazakhstan. [English Russia]