Latest iOS Beta Suggests Deep Facebook Integration Coming Sooner than Later

By Adrian Covert on at

iOS already has Twitter's DNA woven into its own code, which is nice for posting things from various other apps into the 140-character social network. But as some code monkeys have discovered in a recent beta, it looks like Facebook will be getting the same treatment in future versions of iOS.

According to iMore, Twitter user @jackoplane found the code snippets, along with references to the iPad 3, in the iPad version of iOS 5.1 beta 3. Facebook and Apple had been previously been rumored to be working together on this in the past after code had surfaced in previous betas, but the partnership was never realized, and the code disappeared from subsequent versions of iOS.

Now it's back, leading some to speculate that we could see this functionality as soon as the release of iOS 5.1. Direct photo uploads to Facebook wouldn't be too shabby. [iMore via Business Insider and Redmond Pie]