Lenovo Shows Thunderbolt Isn't Just Apple's Playground

By Sam Gibbs on at

Lenovo's announced the first Windows laptop, the ThinkPad Edge S430, to pack Thunderbolt connectivity using the same mini DisplayPort connector as Apple's current line-up. Finally, we might see more than just Apple and Intel getting behind the lightning quick standard.

The Edge S430 is a "thin and light" in the traditional sense – we’re not talking an ultrabook here – but at only just over 2cm thick it’s not exactly a chubster. Lenovo’s bundled some decent configurable specs under the hood too, with Intel’s latest processors including a Core i7 option; up to 16GB of RAM, and a choice between a spinning platter of up to 500GB or a 128GB SSD for storage. For those that need a little more oomph in the graphics department you can kit this 14-incher out with a discrete Nvidia GPU. The company’s graphics chip switching Optimus tech is included to boot, to try and save some of that previous battery life. An unspecified high-res screen option and a 720p webcam round out a decently specced workhorse. Unfortunately there's no pricing available, I can't see it being cheap, but we'll hopefully find out a bit more next week at CES.

Frankly, it’s about time someone else jumped on-board with Thunderbolt. Yes, we’ve got two competing standards in USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt, but considering the sheer bandwidth provided by the Apple/Intel standard and the ability to just use it as a mini DisplayPort, I really want to see more machines packing it. Then maybe we’ll actually see some useful Thunderbolt-powered accessories come out other than the ludicrously expensive SSD RAID disks I can only lust after from afar. [Ubergizmo]