Lenovo Yoga: This Windows 8 Ultrabook Moonlights as a Tablet

By Adrian Covert on at

So it looks like those rumorus about touchscreen ultrabooks were true. Lenovo's Yoga is the first such device of its kind (that being a Windows, equipped with a multitouch panel capable of tracking 10 fingers. And though I've been dismissive of such devices, it wasn't nearly the awful experience I thought it would be.

On the surface, the Yoga looks like the U300s, except with an unsightly hinge. But that hinge allows the Yoga to fold all the way back on itself and become a de facto tablet that is aided in large part by Windows 8's Metro UI. The palm rest on the keyboard is covered in a pebbled, presumably scratch-resistant surface which makes it suitable for setting down on a surface when in tablet mode.

Under the hood, Lenovo didn't have much to say except that it would fully adhere to Intel's ultrabook spec. That means a sub-one-inch thickness, a weight under three pounds, Intel Core CPU, and up to 8 gigs of RAM.

I didn't get lots of time with the Yoga, but one thing was apparent. The apps and UI were fast and fluid, and the screen was extremely responsive. Using the paint app, the 10 finger tracking was accurate and little flourishes, such as the rectangular power connector (for a slimmer body), and the placement of the power button along the outer rim of the laptop are well-conceived ideas. Lenovo says we won't see the Yoga until later in the year when Windows 8 launches, but they expect it to be priced similarly to the U300s, which is £899. [Lenovo]