LG Reveals "World's Largest" OLED Screen, at 55"

By Gary Cutlack on at

LG's clearly got a bit confused about the dates for the CES show. While the world is set to reveal its new technology for 2012 at the Las Vegas event next week, LG has another new TV to show off today -- its latest 55" OLED display.

It uses LG's "4-Color Pixels" colour technology rather than traditional RGB, which LG says is both better and cheaper than the system used by rival OLED manufacturers. The company claims its new technology will bring OLED sets to the masses at a "much lower price point" than other OLED screens, too. But it didn't mention any sort of actual figure.

You also get an "infinite contrast ratio" when displaying images, plus the set is an absolutely astonishing 4mm "thick." [LG]