LG Throws Two Double-Brained Google TVs Into the World

By Sam Biddle on at

At least one more company thinks you're going to like Google TV: LG's LMG860 and LMG620 not only pack the company's own "smart TV" software, but the more polished Android-y dashboard as well. That's two ways to channel surf smart.

LG's Google TVs will work with its "Magic Remote," which adds a host of new ways to cruise around your movies and shows: voice recognition, gesture control, a spin wheel, and, of course, buttons. That's a lot of control! Maybe too much control. The picture on these should be expectedly more-than-decent, but we'll have to wait and see how the hybrid LG/Google lovechild turns out when we sit down on the CES couch. Are two heads really better than one? One of them better be good.