LG's Google TV Launching in the UK... But Not Until 2013

By Gary Cutlack on at

LG's UK division has given us a UK launch date for its first Google-powered TV. That's the good news. The bad news is we'll be waiting until 2013 for it.

Despite Google's best efforts to get the world enthusiastic about its interactive media format, it's a pretty sorry state of affairs if the company can't get together a UK launch in 2012. The UK has fallen for Android in a big way on mobile devices, so it seems rather odd that the momentum of the US launch has been allowed to fizzle away to nothing without any sign of the format over here.

On the plus side, LG's Google TV set does look very nice indeed, plus it'll also include all of LG's existing Smart TV technologies; its CINEMA 3D system and the company's "Magic Remote" controller, making it an extremely intelligent and well-connected television.

We'll see more of LG's Google TV and no doubt many hundreds of other exciting new tech products next week, when the Las Vegas CES show starts on January 10th. [LG UK]