LG's Spectrum Smartphone Beats Retina Display (On a Larger Screen!)

By Sam Biddle on at

LG's Spectrum handset isn't anything noteworthy on paper. 1.5 GHz processor and Android 2.3. But. The 4.5-inch smartphone packs an HD display with a higher resolution than the iPhone 4S. And it's much bigger.

The iPhone's retina display is nice, but at 3.5 inches, it's not as much of an accomplishment. Those pixels don't have to be spread around as much. But a 4.5-inch 1280 x 720 IPS display? That's 329 pixels per inch. And that's sharp as hell. Retina display only hits 326. Stay tuned for a closer look at this brilliant screen.

It'll hit US shelves later this month for around £130, but UK availability and pricing hasn't been confirmed by LG just yet.