LightBomber: Paint With Light

By Roberto Baldwin on at

Painting with light is fun. You find a dark street, set your camera to a long exposure, and spend the next 30 minutes trying to get just the right amount of exposure and timing. Okay, maybe that part isn't fun, but the end results can be spectacular. If only there was an app that did all the hard work for you.


What's it do?

LightBomber takes long exposure photos specifically for light painting. Settings are minimal, but include tips on how to take the best photograph. In fact, the app is full of tips to help you capture the best light panting photographs. The app also includes "lights" that can be used to create paintings when your friend is attempting to become an "artist."


Why do we like it?

Light painting is probably one of the few remaining types of photo manipulation that hasn't taken off on the iPhone. It's a bit trickier than your average Instagram photo, but the finished product can be awesome. Expect to spend more time on one of these photos, but you'll be pleased with the outcome. Also, you can make everything look like Tron.

LightBomber costs 69p for the iPhone