Loathe WebOS? CyanogenMod 9 To the Rescue

By Sam Gibbs on at

Got yourself an HP TouchPad when HP was flogging them off, but webOS just doesn’t float your boat? Rejoice, dear Android 4.0-loving friends -- CyanogenMod 9 is here to furnish your bargain-basement tablet with sweet, sweet Ice Cream Sandwich.

It’s still rather bleeding edge at the moment; this is an early, just hatched Alpha 0 build of CyanogenMod 9. It’ll run OK, and you can even triple boot CM9 with CM7 and webOS if you’re desperate.

Right now the camera; hardware video acceleration, and Android Market access doesn’t work, but it’s a work in progress alright?

Jump on over to RootzWiki for the full lowdown and downloads, or gaze upon the video above to see it in action on the TouchPad (skip to 37 seconds to get to the goods). Now that really does make me wish I’d tried just a little bit harder to get one of those £89 TouchPads – certainly beats the pants off those £100 Android tablets being touted these days. [RootzWiki via Engadget]