London Police Spent £35,000 on Calling the Speaking Clock

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you want to know the time, don't bother asking a policeman any more. Figures released by London's Met Police show that officers built up £35,000 in phone bills simply from calling the speaking clock service to find out if it's dinner time yet.

In total, 110,000 individual calls were made to the speaking clock service by officers over the last two years, and that's not the end of it, as a further £200,000 in calling fees were accumulated from calls to directory enquiry services from officers out and about with no internet access.

The numbers are at least going down slightly year-on-year, with £16,879 spent on calling the speaking clock in 2010/11 -- down from £18,402 in 2009/10. Directory enquiry calls also dropped in 2011, down to a total cost of £95,313 from £121,501 during 2010.

So if you see a policeman looking around and appearing a little unsure of himself, go and tell him what the time is. [PA via BBC]

Image credit: Policeman from Shutterstock