Look! It's a Sailboat—Wait, No, It's 4:15

By Andrew Tarantola on at

You know what I hate? Glancing at my watch and actually reading the correct time. Thankfully, Kisai's new watch forces me to read it like I would a 1990's optical illusion poster.

Originally concieved by Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog readers in 2010, the Kisai Optical Illusion displays the current time in puzzle form. Apparently, you have to train your eyes to register just the slanted lines that actually comprise the numbers displayed. The watch will also reveal the time in non-puzzle form once every 20 seconds. The watch has made it into production and is now available with either a black or stainless steel band. Its LCD display—available in either green or "standard"—is composed of more than 1500 individual segments. Tapping on one of the watch's four corners reveals the time, date, alarm, and toggles the back light. It retails for £115, so jump in before your brain melts from staring at the top art for too long. [Tokyoflash]