LoveFilm Hits Back With £4.99 Streaming-Only Package

By Sam Gibbs on at

Well that didn’t take long. Netflix launches in the UK with unlimited streaming for £5.99 and Amazon replies with a streaming-only package at an “introductory” price of £4.99.

Despite each service tying up exclusives that could mean you might have to subscribe to both of them to have everything available, it looks like the two are going to battle it out on price. A price war over streaming media is great news for Brits looking for more content, but who don't want to pony up for Sky or Virgin.

Although LoveFilm’s streaming-only £4.99 package wasn’t live on its site at the time of writing, you should be able to get both LoveFilm and Netflix streaming for £11 all-in – sounds like a bargain for a pay-TV non-subscriber like me.