LoveFilm -- Now With Added BBC and ITV TV Shows

By Sam Gibbs on at

Following up on Netflix's deal with the BBC for back-catalogue access, LoveFilm's not sitting on its laurels and has struck a deal with the Beeb and ITV for archive streaming access.

The deals bring newer and classic shows to the streaming service like Above Suspicion; Inspector Morse; Cold Feet; Spooks; Doctor Who, and the BBC’s critically acclaimed documentary archive including Planet Earth.

Streaming films is great and all, but on-demand streaming TV is even better, because you’re not often bothered about super high-quality video and block-busting soundtracks when it comes to TV. Netflix is renowned for it’s impressive library of TV series for on-demand streaming in the US. It’s good to see Amazon securing British TV for LoveFilm, but if it’s going to shore it up against the incoming Netflix aggressor, it’s going to have to pull its finger out and secure more of these TV content deals. Still, as a LoveFilm subscriber I’m pretty stoked about access to the Morse collection -- everyone loves a good murder mystery, right?