Lumia 900: Nokia's Top Windows Phone Grows a Few Dress Sizes

By Kyle Wagner on at

The Lumia 800 has been redesigned as the hulkified 4.3-inch Lumia 900, and while it's only been announced for the US so far, we hope to see it on our shores at some point.

The Lumia 900 looks a lot like the 800, except it's bigger (is that a good thing?), with a 4.3-inch WVGA screen. The 900 will also see the native ESPN app that Nokia announced at Nokiaworld, but which hasn't really been heard from since. (Stoked for that! Nerds like sports too!)

The 900's also rumoured to include an eight megapixel camera, 512MB of RAM, and a 1830mAh battery (up from 1450mAh on the 800). Those specs aren't going to blow the doors off of this generation of smartphones, but Windows Phone doesn't lean on specs quite as hard as other OSes, as the buttery Lumia 800 shows. We'll let you know about pricing and availability as it's announced.