Make Siri Actually Useful, Even In the UK With VoiceUtils

By Sam Gibbs on at

Now that you can actually jailbreak your iPhone 4S without having to be tied to your computer, it’s about time we got some great Siri enhancements out of the jailbreak world. VoiceUtils is a free Cydia tweak that allows Siri to open apps, unlock your phone, reboot it, that kind of thing.

If you’ve got a password locking your phone it won’t let you bypass it, so it’s not like you’re opening yourself up here – your “friends” won’t be able to grab your phone and post crap to your Facebook without your password. Frankly, this is the kind of thing Siri should have been able to do from the off, and VoiceUtils isn't the first attempt at tweaking Siri from the jailbreaking community, so people obviously want it. Let’s hope Apple takes notes and writes some of this stuff into iOS natively. But for now, Cydia will have to do. [YouTube via Engadget]