Manufacturer Skins Be Damned -- CyanogenMod Tops One Million Users

By Sam Gibbs on at

Showing that as long as manufacturers insist on forcing people to use their skins on top of Android, they’ll be an alternative in CyanogenMod, the custom ROM has hit over one million unique users.

Considering CyanogenMod supports some handsets that aren’t getting Android upgrades from their manufacturers any more, and it gives improved performance and battery life -- the fact that there’s a load of people Cynogened-up shouldn’t be surprising. Still, one million unique users is a pretty big milestone, especially for something initially created by just one guy. It shows that the Android rooting community is growing strong for sure. Ah, the simple beauty and open source-freedom of a custom Android ROM -- there’s nothing like it. [CyanogenMod via The Verge]

Thanks Darrell!