Matias' One Keyboards Easily Swap Between Connected Devices

By Andrew Liszewski on at

With a wired and wireless version of Apple's aluminum keyboard on my desk, I'll often find myself typing away on the wrong one. And that's exactly the problem Matias is trying to solve with their new line of One keyboards.

They each feature a USB cable allowing them to be connected and used with a desktop PC or laptop, which also happens to power their Bluetooth connection letting them be used with smartphones and other wireless devices. The model pictured here is the Slim One keyboard for the iPhone, which lets you hop back and forth between controlling your PC and your phone with a dedicated 'iPhone' button in the top right corner.

It's a simple way to reduce the keyboard clutter on your desk and the occasional confusion, but since it only draws power from a USB port, it's pretty much useless (or at the least downright inconvenient) as a travel solution. The Slim model will sell for about£60 when available, while a standard-sized version will be around £75. And for typing snobs there's even a Tactile model which uses Alps Mechanical Switches for every key, which will sell for £150ish and ship sometime in May. [Matias via Wired]