McAfee's Been Letting Spammers Use You as Their Patsy

By Sam Gibbs on at

Ironically all that spam you get in your inbox might be McAfee’s fault. A flaw has been found in one of its anti-malware programs that’s meant to protect you from this kind of thing. It allows spammers to hijack your computer and flood the world with spam using you as their unwilling accomplice.

McAfee’s Total Protection service, which is marketed as affording “complete email and web protection”, did the exact opposite. A vulnerability in its “rumour technology” allowed spammers to effectively use your computer as a relay for their nefarious deluges of unwanted crap. McAfee was quick to point out that the security hole didn’t actually let the spammers get at your data, just send a butt-load of email pretending to be you.

The glitch should be all patched up by the end of today, but perhaps its time to ditch McAfee? I can’t say I’ve ever had a good experience of their software, mainly down to the number of times I’ve found their goods bundled in the torrent of bloatware that’s shipped on new computers; the stuff you have to spend ages stripping off before you can actually use that new PC you just bought. [BBC]

Image credit: Spam from Shutterstock