MegaUpload Accounted for a Quarter of All Corporate Traffic -- More than Dropbox

By Andrew Tarantola on at

We tend to think of corporations as monolithic, singular entities. But they're not. They're just companies, normal companies run by normal people — people that really, really loved downloading stuff from MegaUpload while on the clock.

According to network data assembled by security vendor Palo Alto Networks, MegaUpload usage accounted for a full 25 per cent of the corporate network traffic it monitored. PAS's security software monitored the gateways of 1,636 businesses worldwide — most of which employed more than 2,500 people — and recorded traffic numbers over a week's span.

PAS reports that while MegaUpload was only found on 57 per cent of corporate networks — compared to DropBox's 76 per cent — it moved 20,405GB of data to Dropbox's 17,573GB. FileSonic, which also appeared on 57 per cent of networks pulls through a paltry 4,058GB. In total, PAS found that 10.9 million gigabytes of content were consumed through the 1,600 corporate networks, including both web-based and peer-to-peer file sharing applications.

Now this isn't just porn and anime, mind you. In fact, most of the downloaded content on these networks was business-related. "Of the top-20 file downloads found on December 5th, 2011, six of the files were software applications, eight were games or game demos, and six were movie trailers," PAS stated in its report. [ArsTechnica]