Meridian's M6 Speaker Is Definitely Compensating For Something "Down There"

By Sam Gibbs on at

Some speaker designs are simply hideous; others just don’t even seem to have made an effort. Then again, you get absolutely beautiful speaker designs that sound god-awful too. Meridian Audio is trying to bridge the good-looking but great-sounding gap with its British-designed-and-built M6 speakers.

Formed of barium-doped resin, they’re not quite works of fine art, but these cone-shaped beauties could easily be mistaken for a quirky bit of furniture, rather than an impressive piece of audio engineering. They should sound good too, with a naturally wide field of sound, while being acoustically inert, with each driver isolated from one another.

The M6 use Meridian’s own Cambridge-developed DSP that allows the slender cone to perform like a conventional speaker eight times its size, which means the M6 should pack a punch too. Audiophiles will be able to pick them up from £4,500 a pair come February. Now, what can I sell to get me a pair of these to annoy the hell of the neighbours with exquisite bass, mids and highs? They’d never have been so lucky.