Microcassette Records Messages Without a Recorder

By Andrew Liszewski on at

When I was in college a microcassette recorder was the state-of-the-art way to record a lecture. But now, this novelty digital recorder that's only made to look like a microcassette makes me feel terribly old and dated.

Instead of capturing recordings on metallic tape wound around a couple of spindles, this version uses solid state electronics and flash memory to do the same thing in a package that's small enough to attach your keychain. Sigh... But with a price tag of only around £16 its capabilities are somewhat limited. You can only record just a single message, and it can't be longer than 10 seconds.

So think of this as a handy way to denote where you parked your car or what you need to get from the supermarket. Instead of a covert way to record a conversation during a sting operation. [Curiosite via Geek Alerts]