Microsoft's Latest Ribbon-Packing Office 15 Hits Technical Preview

By Sam Gibbs on at

Microsoft’s quietly slipped out the technical preview of its latest and greatest Office suite, version 15 no less. Unfortunately if you don’t already have a tester spot, you’re out of luck. But the public beta is scheduled for a summer release, for all those super eager for more office duties.

Apparently Office 15 will be Microsoft’s “most ambitious undertaking yet”. Who knows what that actually means – an Office suite that will actually work that spread sheet for you? Perhaps Clippy’s going to make a return with AI that’ll simply replace you for regular office duty?

Anyway, we should see Office 15 hit the shelves in 2013, and your office computer sometime in 2020, if your average work upgrade cycles are anything to go buy. [Microsoft]

Image credit: Nils Geylen from flickr