Next Xbox Due Late 2013, "Six Times" More Powerful

By Gary Cutlack on at

We've had plenty of rumours regarding announcement dates, names and even some possible functionality for Microsoft's next home console -- now the latest rumour says MS is planning a late-2013 launch for its next-next-generation home machine.

The latest timeline comes from a news post on IGN, which claims its sources say the next Xbox will arrive in "late October or early November" next year, with the initial power boasts being that it's in the region of "six times" more capable that the Xbox 360 when it comes to generating generic 3D scenes of warfare.

The site's sources also claim the all-important GPU will come via AMD, which has been contracted to provide a processor similar to its Radeon HD 6670 chipset for the new machine.

The Radeon HD 6670 isn't exactly new or cutting-edge in terms of PC gaming hardware now, so we can only assume MS is aiming to sell its next console for peanuts. [IGN via The Verge]