Nokia's New Lumia 900 Flagship Leaks Ahead of CES

By Sam Gibbs on at

Rumoured for a CES unveiling, Nokia's next flagship, the familiar-looking Lumia 900 has had press shots and details spied. It's apparently a larger device than the Lumia 800 with a 4.3-inch screen sporting a WVGA resolution; 512MB RAM; an eight-megapixel camera along with a front-facing camera for chat, and a 1830mAh battery.

Some of that information ties-in with what we've heard before, although the device shown off here with AT&T branding for America, doesn't look anything like the renders leaked in Nokia's developer video. Pocketnow is pretty adamant that it'll still be running Mango too, which is sure to disappoint any Windows Phone fans looking forward to a Tango device.

The Lumia 900 will apparently be called the Ace in the US; weigh in at 160-grams; sport LTE, and replace the Lumia 800 as Nokia's global flagship. Whether we'll see it in the UK is unconfirmed, but "global flagship" kind of indicates that we should, probably minus the LTE radio. Anyway, we haven't got long to wait, and while I'm still not blown away by the specs here, I liked the aesthetics of the Lumia 800, so I'm not sad to see Nokia's sticking with the design theme. [Pocketnow]