Orange Launches Own-Brand Tablet -- The Android 3.2 Orange Tahiti

By Gary Cutlack on at

UK network Orange has a bit of a thing for re-branding Chinese products as its own, and here's the latest -- the Orange Tahiti.

The Tahiti is an Android 3.2 tablet with a 7" TFT screen, which will arrive powered by an unnamed 1.2GHz dual-core processor along with a 5megapixel camera around the back. We think it's actually a re-brand of the Huawei MediaPad, which looks very similar and has identical specs.

Orange says the Tahiti will go on sale for an upfront fee of £69, plus a monthly charge of £25 for a 2GB data bundle -- which includes 1GB of "peak" access and another 1GB to use during off-peak times. Which isn't a particularly great deal. [Orange]