Police to Get New 3D Laser Scanners For Motorway Smash-Ups

By Sam Gibbs on at

Helping free the injured and clearing up accidents is only half the problem of car crashes on our motorways -- the police and traffic officers also have to catalogue the scene to work out what happened and who's going to pay for the mess. New 3D laser scanners should hopefully cut motorway closure times by capturing the scene in minutes, speeding up the laborious process dramatically.

The Department for Transport has awarded £2.7m worth of funding to cover part of the cost of rolling out the new scanners to 27 police forces across England. Hampshire and Thames Valley rozzers will be the first to implement the scanners, which will capture a 3D representation of the carnage for analysis back at base. Mike Penning, roads minister said:

"The £2.7m DfT funding award will see 3D laser scanners rolled out quickly where they are needed most. This will benefit drivers by reducing incident clear up times by 39 minutes on average."

Travelling by road is one of the most dangerous forms of transport, and we have a lot of crashes in the UK. Hopefully this'll see the motorways cleared and opened quicker without impacting rescue operations. [The Guardian]

Image credit: Car crash from Shutterstock