Powertrekk's Long Road to Store Shelves Is Nearly Over (Maybe)

By Andrew Tarantola on at

We've been waiting nearly a year to get our hands on the Powertrekk portable charger — you know, the water-powered one. Well that wait is nearly over according the company. It has announced pricing and availability (sorta).

The Powertrekk will run your about £150 for the charging unit itself and another £8 odd per "fuel puck" 3-pack. The system works by converting hydrogen into electricity. It uses a Proton Exchange Membrane sitting between water and hydrogen gas that separates molecules, collecting protons while freeing electrons for charging mobiles. Since the protons are collected on the cathode, the PowerPukk needs occasional replacement due to wear. The Powertrekk only produces a 1500mAh current, so iPads likely won't work with this.

The Powertrekk is slated to come out later "this spring." [Powertrekk via Electronic Products via Slashgear]