Pure Joins AirPlay With its Pure Contour 200i Air

By Gary Cutlack on at

Pure has just announced its first device with AirPlay compatibility, with the £199 Contour 200i Air ready for the approval of serious Apple fans.

It's similar in appearance to the company's standard old Pure Contour dock, only DAB and FM radio features have been removed from the 200i so buyers can immerse themselves completely within Apple-approved music.

The Contour 200i Air has both Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections for hooking it into your home network and linking to your iOS device's music library, producing 36W RMS of "digital quality" sound via 3.5" dual full-range speaker drive units. And if you're not entirely comfortable with the streaming aspect, there's still a standard dock connector for hooking up an iPod, iPhone or iPad. [Pure]