Pure Sensia 200D Connect -- Touchscreen Digital Radio

By Gary Cutlack on at

Pure has another 200-series music player to go alongside its Contour 200i -- the Sensia 200D Connect. It's a touchscreen media streamer with internet radio, FM and digital radio, plus the ability to play any other music you've got squirreled away on your network.

One the physical side of things, the 200D delivers "30W RMS of digital sound via DSP tuned high efficiency class-D amplifiers," plus there's also recording support. Slot in a USB stick and you're able to record live and streaming internet radio, plus you get a timer system for scheduling the recording of your favourite broadcasts.

If you're too fidgety to concentrate on listening to music alone, the touch screen comes with its own selection of apps and feeds, so you can keep your eyes busy with Twitter, Facebook and Picasa updates, or read the "selected RSS" feeds supplied.

The Pure Sensia 200D Connect will cost £249 when it goes on sale here some time during this quarter. [Pure]